Seven unique music stands to ensure a standout performance

unique music stands

Music stands come in a wide range of materials as well as shapes. Each has its own distinctive style and functionality. Though all of them come with adjustable heights and desks that tilt keeping the comfort of the musician in mind, the designs and colors are highly individualistic and give the musician a wide choice.

1) The Winged Music Stand

Winged Music Stand

The Winged Music Stand is a wooden one, using ash or cherry with an oil or varnish finish.The inlay is entirely made using walnut wood. Though it is of wooden make, it has a sleek look that gives it elegance and class. The height of the stand has also been made flexible for Musicians which can be adjusted from a minimum of 1070 mm to a maximum of 1290 mm. This can be done by moving a plunger which is delrin tipped. The tray is wide (65mm) and can hold an open music sheet. It can be adjusted to a sitting or standing posture and has its viewing angle also adjustable. It is priced at $ 3600.

2) The Music Stand C1900

Music Stand C1900

The Music Stand C1900 is a classy antique piece. Made from brass and steel, this delightful stand has a four-legged steel base mounted on castor wheels. The tray is made of the finest mahogany and is circular in shape.The music sheet holder is a large square which is supported by a levered steel stand to adjust the height and angle for any posture (sitting or standing) of the musician. This is available for $ 771.73

3) The Beautiful Music Stand

beautiful music stand

The Beautiful Music Stand comes in different heights, ranging from 30″ to 34″, 38″, 42″ and 46″. This measurement is taken from the lower edge of the music sheet and can be further adjusted up to 6″. The brass screw and plate system lets the stand tilt to a 45 degree angle and is a single-handed adjustment. The base of the stand is just 12″ thus, very compact and space-saving. The stand is made entirely of cherry and curly maple wood with little violin pegs in ebony, that can be used to make the head and neck adjustments. The whole stand is beautifully hand-crafted and laminated. The curve of the staff suggests a musical flow and the lines and spaces of a musical sheet are delightfully echoed in the wavy cherry and straight maple strips. The head of the stand is styled out to look like a stringed musical instrument, with a lip at the base for keeping a baton or pencil. A lot of input has been collected from musicians for over two years to match all their needs. The result of which is this beautiful music stand.

4) Helstrom music stand

Helstrom music stand

Helstrom music stand is for firmly standing your instrument, be it a guitar, mandolin or banjo. It comes with a fine, quality leather strap for securing the instrument and an f-hole design that is traditional. There is option for cherry and maple finish which are priced at $ 79, $ 89 only.

5) Music in steel

Music in steel

For musicians who would like a unique and personalized music stand, which would be a one of a kind and a tailor-made one, Joe Brown an artist blacksmith of Brown View Forge could be the answer. As he himself is a music-lover, he brings out pieces weaving musical themes in them (like the one illustrated above). The stands are made out of forged steel and are adjustable in height. The sheet holder can accommodate a full chart. As the stand is customized, it is used by individuals as well as choir groups in churches and symphonies.

6) Yamaha MS1OOO Folding Music Stand

Yamaha MS1000 Folding Music Stand

A modern and elegant music stand that can be folded and stored easily, is very stylish and functional. ‘The base is a tripod measuring 21″ across, with a double sectioned shaft with a trigger that is spring-loaded. This can be used to lower or heighten the shaft from 26″ to 4O”, for any sitting or standing posture and locked with a cam-clutch. The music sheet holder which is 9″, is hinged and can fold as well as tilt. The whole music stand has a black powder finish and can be folded and kept in a gig bag which is also provided along with the stand, to make it portable. It is widely used for class-rooms as well as homes.

7) Wooden Music Stand

Wooden Music Stand

This is a decorative stand made of solid wood. The base is a tripod which is also wooden. The height can be adjusted from 33″ to 48″. The head has its own design which is distinct and intricate. The head can also be tilted to a comfortable angle and is lipped at the bottom edge for sheets to stay secure. The wood is walnut colored with five different heads and can also be used as a decorative piece in any room. It is priced at $ 245.

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