Unique and creative seesaw inspired designs

Creativity knows no boundaries; even a simplest idea can inspire biggest creations. Several designers around the world drew inspirations from a seesaw to come up with creative and unique things. A seesaw typically is a long, narrow board suspended in the middle in such a manner that when one end goes up another one comes down automatically. Here we have listed out top seven unique and creative seesaw inspired designs that either resemble a seesaw in shape or is based on the same principle.

SeeSaw Chair

SeeSaw was till now placed in gardens and outdoor areas, until Korean designer, Jaebeom Jeong thought otherwise. He has designed a sewsaw chair that can be placed in drawing or living room. Named as “Swingers”, this chair comprises of two chairs scramble into one in such a manner that if someone sits on one chair, he/she will not face the other person sitting on the another one. When anyone of the two will apply force at one end the other person gets lifted. Crafted from timber, Swingers is very comfortable and spacious to sit. In order to make it durable, a tint of stainless steel is used in this unique seesaw chair.

SeeSaw Bench

Benches on roadside or park are very common. People sit on these benches to relax and breathe a fresh air. However, Martin Nicolaus would have thought otherwise while sitting on a bench. His creative soul would have argued with him of why not to have the fun of a seesaw while sitting on a bench. Thus, he came up with SeeSaw Bench. This is a bench cum seasaw on which one can sit and have fun.

SeeSaw Bike

The entry that makes to the third place in our list of seven unique and creative seesaw inspired designs is the SeeSaw Bike. Well the design of this bike is as quite weird and funny. This bike is like two bikes scrambled into one via a common front wheel. Our advice to those who are considering a ride on this dangerous seesaw bicycle, please try it with someone of equal weight otherwise you may end up head-butting your partner again and again.

SeeSaw Sofa

The SeeSaw Sofa by designer Louise Campbell is no doubt the best seesaw inspired creation with fair commercial potential. Trendy and stylish in its own, this sofa can be placed in the living room or inside your child’s room. Now whenever you small one demands to play with you, just sit on one side of the sofa and meet all demands of your child to play in a stylish manner. The SeeSaw Sofa is spacious and comfortable.

SeeSaw Concept Phone

The renowned mobile phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson has also joined the wagon and introduced a new concept phone which has a design resembling a seesaw. This mobile has a built-in jog dial along with an unprotected OLED display. Its bezel-less design, sleek looks and futuristic design makes it a pictorial delight for sure till its actual launch. Karsten Willmann, the designer behind this SeeSaw concept phone was very excited about the overwhelming response this mobile has been able to generate till date.

SeeSaw Bookshelf

The saying that the cover of a book tells the story inside seems primitive now. The saying for these modern times is that every book has its own weight both in terms of matter as well as real mass. Realizing the same, designer BCXSY has crafted a SeeSaw Bookshelf from walnut wood. He has also used coated steel parts to enhance the durability of the bookshelf. This SeeSaw Bookshelf has assorted slabs at the extreme end where the books can be kept.

SeeSaw Water Saving Faucet

A huge amount of water all over the world is wasted in bathrooms and toilets. Everyone has a habit of turning water on while soaping our hands without giving a thought to the amount of water that gets wasted in the act. Considering the same, designer Chanhee Han introduced simple design SeeSaw Water Saving Faucet. This faucet is very beautiful and elegant in design and operates on the principle of a seesaw. When use tilts left side bar of the faucet water starts flowing. As soon as the user presses the right side bar to dispense some soap, the water flow stops automatically, thereby, saving priceless water.

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