Understanding the concept of minimal cleaning: Portable Washing Machine

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The family structure in most countries has transformed radically. From huge extended families we have broken down to single units, and with the current trends most of us are loners. Sprawling bungalows have been replaced by matchbox-sized apartment. Our need for big, huge and spacious has been reduced single and multifunctional. Taking this lead is the Portable Washing Machine concept designed by Benjamin Beaugh. It’s a simple machine that can be lugged around like your wheeled luggage, and has the capacity to wash a complete set of clothes and a full-sized bath towel. This size is sufficient for a couple or a small family. Moreover, the innovative washing unit can be placed next to the kitchen sink for the water source and drainage. This may do away with the need for a water pump, but what bothers me about the design is that it can take a toll on you back. Lifting and placing the machine on the board, every time you need to use it, can be very inconvenient. Nonetheless, we cannot take anything away from the innovative as well as portable design that simply reflects the spirit and needs of modern era.

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