Ultra thin battery provides a whopping charge on the go

As Samsung enjoys unmatched market coverage with its new Galaxy Nexus I9250, the phone continues to rule the roost with its extra modern design and undaunted utility. However, what comes as a setback is the battery power which often becomes a hindrance, putting the user in a bit of fix at times.

Ultra-Thin Battery Power Pack Case

The simple answer to this ubiquitous problem is the Ultra-thin Backup Battery Power Pack Case, which has a track record of never letting you down. The utility of the whole concept comes to the fore, when the user actually goes ahead and plugs in this miniature yet powerful tool into his/her phone. Capable of providing a battery backup of 1700 mAh, the battery is just like an extra layering on the phone’s back. In other words, you can be ensured of getting not only an extra protective covering for your phone, but also a portable battery charge.

This is not all, for the best features of the battery pack are not yet over. The whole concept has been devised with a lot of precision and brings with it a fresh concept in tow. There are appropriate cutouts for the USB slots, the headset slot as well as the camera, After all, one should be able to fully take advantage of the phone’s miraculous features. Definitely worth its asking price of $18.76.

Via: ChinaVasion

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