ULIX, for a perfect sightseeing experience

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Out at a fair with your extended family and want to go around in a public transport? Oops! But this carriage can accommodate only four people, which means the rest of the family either needs to be left out or they will have to wait. What is the fun if one can’t roam around with family? Working on this flaw, ULIX, a cleverly designed sightseeing transport, will give you no reason to go away from your family and friends.

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Inspired by a horse-drawn carriage in terms of designing, it comes with the flexibility to increase the number of seats. While traveling, people can communicate easily via microphones and speakers attached near each seat and keep the family connected. Powered by two replaceable lithium batteries is the tractor to which trailers can be attached or detached easily. A controlling module packed with a joystick and navigation system is used for running the whole system. To protect people from the sun, it comes with a sun shelter, which can be folded as well.

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Via: James Dyson Award

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