Ukiyo-e resin and fiber glass floating garden redefines indoor gardening

ukiyoe floating garden1

Let’s talk about a 21st century hanging garden that offers a new perspective into indoor gardening. Designers Florent Coirier, Grégory Marion and Laurianne Lopez have designed the resin and fiber glass floating garden called Ukiyo-e for Vertilignes. The most important aspect of the creation is the emphasis laid on suspending the plant that offers a new perspective into indoor gardening. The Ukiyo-e grows at an eye level that enhances the aesthetics and satisfaction provided by the green patch.

ukiyoe floating garden2
The green patch uses vertisol, a special kind of soil made from the mixture of an organic and non-organic component which enhances soil quality and the plant’s life span. Interestingly, the unique soil type does not require frequent watering, allowing the time between watering the plant to get longer than usual without reducing the time span.

ukiyoe floating garden 3
ukiyoe floating garden 5

Via: Contemporist

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