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The uber slick ‘PhoneSoap’ sanitizes your cellphone while charging

It will come as a shocking news to many people that the mobile phones they hold against their face and type with everyday are a breeding ground for bacteria. Anything from flu viruses, MRSA, staph and E.Coli can easily thrive on its surface. Bacteria are essentially attracted to our phones because they exude warmth. Now, after knowing this, who wouldn’t want to scrub their phone squeaky clean. Then again, cleaning phones with dripping wipes or dunking them in soapy liquids is totally out of question.


In fact there are very few effective cleaners in the market that can mop out all the filth on your phone thoroughly. So, what should you do now? Looks like, there is some good news for people who are picky about sanitation levels around them. A team headed by the industrial designer cum engineer Brennan Crellin and a savvy inventor Wesley LaPorte has come out with an ingenious device called the Phonesoap. A list of all its splendid features is provided below for all the ablutomaniacs out there.

The smart gadget comprises a small box measuring about 4.95 inches in width and 6.95 inches in length. It works on a principle of electromagnetic radiation applied in most hospitals and cleaning rooms. The box stands 1.9 inches tall and can easily fit any device that has a length of 1.2 inches, breadth of 4.1 inches and height of 6.1 inches. This gizmo scours the phone using UV-C light or electromagnetic radiation, which can penetrate through the cell walls of bacteria due to their short wavelengths. These rays destroy the DNA of bacteria and are about 99.9 percent effective in killing them. They close in on your device from the top as well as bottom, thus cleaning out all the surfaces.

Operating the device will not be a bother. Just plug in the receiver box and place your phone on the UV transparent plastic platform. Also, if you want to charge the phone then just hook it to an Apple 30-pin USB cord or micro USB. Then, close the box to start the automatic cleaning process. The twinkling LED lights outside notify you that the cleaning process is going on. While, the UV lights carrying out the cleaning process inside, stay on for about 5 minutes and then go off on their own. You just have to open the box in the morning to pick up your fully charged and germ free handset.

This one of a kind contraption saves time and is very safe to use as it won’t harm your phone in any way. Moreover, it is really effectual in exterminating all bacteria and viruses thriving on your phone. Another upside is that you won’t be adding another chore in your to do list. With this clever contraption your phone gets cleaned while it is being charged. Furthermore, as no one can do without charging their phone, this contraption eliminates the possibility of anyone forgetting to clean their handsets. Just place the phone inside the box for charging at night and it will come out clean automatically the next morning.

People who are particular about hygiene and fussy about sanitation standards around them will be irked to know how dirty their phones are, and then just as glad to learn that their handsets can be scrubbed clean using the PhoneSoap. Also, this device uses absolutely no liquid or heat in its cleaning process, hence is safe to use. So, go ahead and stock this contraption in your pad as prevention is better than cure any day.

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