‘Two Way Wheelchair’ concept makes it easy to get on and off the chair

two way wheelchair

People who are bound to the wheelchair due to immobility often find it very difficult to move away from their wheelchairs. Quite often, this leads to a lot of frustration on their part as they are unable to move around without any assistance. In case such people need to use the toilet, it becomes an abominable task for them as they are unable to do so without another person’s assistance. Although, the distances being covered are very minimal, say from the wheelchair to the bed or from the wheelchair to the toilet, but then the task of moving from the chair is a big thing.

Designers Han Jaeseok and Lee Kyoungmin, winners of the Red Dot award, have devised a concept called the “Two Way Wheelchair” to ensure maximum agility for the user. The chair comprises of the main body frame, the seat frame, the seat and the front and the back wheels. As the seat can be raised and lowered, it provides maximum support to the user while getting off from the chair. If the user wants to get on or off the chair, they can do so from the rear of the wheelchair.

The chair uses a very convenient, simple style and has been made in the best possible way. Making use of an eco friendly vegetable leather seat, the rest of the body has been made out of carbon fiber making the body light and strong at the same time. Being space friendly, the chair can be separated and folded according to convenience.

Via: Red-Dot

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