Twilight air purifier streams images and videos from internet


Winner of Whirlpool’s Inova Award, the “Twilight” is a cooler and air circulator based on future trends of architecture and behavior that other than its basic functions also establishes better and deeper interaction between the users, environment and the appliance. Developed by a bunch of Brazilian students of Industrial Design, including Camila Possato, Camila Fortes, Renan Oliveira, Sarah Carvalho and Walter Batista, the device circulates the air all around the place like gush of cool breeze that the user can chill according to the desired temperature and mix up with the fragrance of their choice.

Featuring the panel finished in polymer tubes with small holes to keep up the airflow, the Twilight also applies an OLED sheet over one of the panel’s surface, allowing users to display images or play videos that you can download with an attached remote control. Moreover, you may stream the temperature, fragrance and image combination from the net, promoting the local culture while binding users and the brand.

twilight 04
twilight 01
twilight 03
twilight 02

[Thanks Sarah]

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