How to turn your LCD monitor into a TV without a computer

LCD monitor into a TV

Have you got an LCD monitor at home? And you are planning to buy a new TV? Why waste time and money if you are given an option to use your LCD monitor as TV, without computer. Yes, you read it right, you can turn your computer’s LCD monitor into a TV without a computer.

In this post you will learn everything about how to turn your computer’s LCD monitor into TV without a computer. You will come to know about the difficulty level of converting the LCD monitor to TV, the time you need to put in to do so, resources you will need to complete the task, estimate cost you may have to incur, a step by step guide of instructions, answers to some frequently asked question, some quick tips and a list of things to watch out for you to be safe.

Difficulty level

The difficulty level of converting your computer’s LCD monitor to TV is moderate, which means you need to have some basic technical knowledge to complete the task.

Time required

The time required to convert the LCD monitor into TV depends upon the speed and skill of the person. An expert can complete the task much earlier when compared to a beginner.

Resources required:

1. LCD monitor

2. Cable box/satellite receiver

3. TV tuner (which should be in the cable box if you are using it)

4. VGA/DVI computer cable

5. Speakers (to check that the audio is working properly or not)

Estimate cost

The estimate cost of converting your LCD monitor into TV depends upon the availability, quantity and quality of the resources.


Step 1: Making sure that you have all the necessary things

In the very first step towards converting your computer’s LCD monitor into a TV without computer, you need to check whether you have all the necessary things required to do so. This may include checking the cable box or the satellite receiver. If there is cable box, you need to check the DVI/HDMI output cable. After this, you need to check the speakers. If your LCD monitor accepts only DVI format inputs then you need to have a HDMI to DVI cable with you.

Step 2: Choosing a display

For the next step, which is important, you need to choose a display. But, before that you need to check the requirements of the LCD monitor. You need to ensure that it is HDCP (High Definition Content Protection) Compliant. After this, the monitor should either have a DVI or an HDMI input. Also take care that the LCD monitor can display at least 720p.

Step 3: Setting it all up

In this step we are going to take care of setting up the system. You can connect the monitor just as you will connect to a TV. If you do not see any picture, do not worry. It only means that your cable box or the satellite receiver is trying to display a resolution that the monitor cannot display or it does not support that resolution. For this, you can either enter the HD setup mode or you can change the maximum resolution of the cable box (using the cable box instruction guide).

If your cable box says that the monitor you are using is not HDCP compliant, it only means that you got the wrong monitor, and you cannot do anything with that.

Step 4: Other things

If your monitor is HDCP compliant, you will get the picture by changing the maximum resolution of the cable box. Now in this step, you can decide whether you want to wall mount your LCD monitor. You can decide to connect the computer with the monitor so that you can use the computer as well as watch TV on the same LCD monitor.

Step 5: Downsides and conclusion

Converting your computer’s LCD monitor into TV has two disadvantages. First, you are limited to the consoles which you can attach to the monitor. If you are able to use a switch or a cable box which has inputs, this disadvantage cannot be considered. Second, you cannot turn your TV on or off with a remote unless the cable box you are using features a built in plug. To overcome this, you can buy a remote control surge protector.

Frequently asked questions

1. I want to see the picture in 1080p, is it possible to have such a resolution?

Ans: Unfortunately, the cable box has a maximum resolution of 720p. So, if you want to see picture in 1080p, you need to buy a new TV for yourself.

2. I want to have a lot of inputs to the monitor, is it possible to have them?

Ans: If you are only using the monitor, this may not be feasible but if you use switch or cable box which has a lot of inputs then definitely you can enjoy multiple inputs.

3. How much money can I save if I convert my monitor into TV?

Ans: You can save the money you wanted to spend to buy a new TV. On an estimate note, you can save around $200 if you convert your computer’s LCD monitor into TV.

Quick tips

1. Make sure that your LCD monitor is HDCP (High Definition Content Protection) compliant, otherwise it would not work.

2. Connecting your computer with the monitor helps you to use the monitor as TV as well as simple monitor.

Things to watch out for

1. The task involves usage of cables and electricity so make sure you are not bare foot while performing the task.

2. Also be careful that you do not touch the walls while touching the cables because it is similar to being barefoot.

3. Do not have wet hands or feet while doing the task.

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