Turn your garage into a Boeing 737 cockpit with a JetMax-737 Flight Sim Kit

If you absolutely adore the Boeing 737 and cannot get through your daily life without imagining what it would be like if you lived in one of those modern marvels, then the JetMax-737 Flight Sim Kit is just what the doctor ordered for you. The flight simulator is perfect for trainee pilots and any other creep who wants a garage that looks like the insides of a Boeing 737. The console kit costs much the same as a second hand car which obviously means that you can sell off the one hogging all the space on your garage to pay for the JetMax-737 Flight Sim Console Kit without spending too much time wondering where you’re going to get the money or space to put the thing up.

JetMax-737 Flight

As comprehensive as the kit is, it’s missing a few key components like a flight sim software, a computer, a pilot’s chair and a display system. The quality of these components really makes all the difference between experiencing life-like flight simulation and the kind of graphics that the arcade machine the old pool parlor in the poor part of town produces so you might need to take out a second mortgage on your house as well after you have sold off your car and other unnecessary material comforts to acquire your new flight simulator.

JetMax-737 Flight

To experience what it feels like to steer a 900,000 pound airliner through the clouds, you’d need to have between $3495.95 and $6995.95 (in Canadian currency) in your bank plus a few thousand extra for aftermarket additions.

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