Turbillion cooler lets you work nonstop on your laptop

laptop cooler concept 1
Laptops or notebooks may allow you to carry work from the office to your living place and may also give access to the internet on the go, but portable systems offering relatively trivial cooling system (in comparison to the standard PCs) becomes a matter of concern for 24 x 7 net savvies. Addressing the issue, Portuguese designer Nuno Teixeira has designed an innovative cooler that lets even the most demanding user work on his or her laptop without any interruption. Hailed as “Turbillion,” the cooling system comes with three powerful yet silent fans that keeps your laptop protected from high internal temperatures during extended sittings. Finished with aluminum, the cooler apart from creating uniform and effective refrigeration also doubles as a laptop stand for your portable system.

laptop cooler concept 7
laptop cooler concept 2
laptop cooler concept 3
laptop cooler concept 4
laptop cooler concept 5
laptop cooler concept 6

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