Tuning Watch makes time gazing handy on the wheel for car lovers

tuningwatch project 1
Specifically designed for an ultra stylish road hogger, the Tuning Watch by French designer Patrick is a must have while on the go. Patrick carved the looks taking idea from a revamped American car, Calande, from the 50s and 60s. The inspiration may be a century old we must say that the watch everything but a retrospective appearance. The sleek design looking as fresh as yesterday is especially meant to make time gazing handy on the wheel.

tuningwatch project 2
The watch has a sensory flap which activates with slight tilt to turn on various buttons meant to display time, date, day of the week, and PM indicator functions. The user can read the time like a barcode watch from left to right with the first line showing 5-hour segments, 1-hour segments for the second line, and 10-minute and 1-minute segments for the third and fourth lines. The watch has a flexible metal ribbon bracelet making it easier to wear and adjust the watch.

tuningwatch project 3
tuningwatch project 4

Via: TokyoFlash

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