Tuli Heater doubles up as foot rest and sock dryer

The Tuli Heater by designer Daniel Hull draws on the Finnish tradition of having wood/paper chip heaters in the house that supplement public heating throughout the Scandinavian nation. The name of the heater is derived from the Finnish word for heat – “Tulipalo.” The free-standing heater is shaped to reflect simplicity of the Finnish home life and their closeness to nature and the natural way of life.

Tuli Heater

The Tuli Heater is designed to fit into the household as a warm and inviting object unlike industrial-looking like wall-mounted radiators and metallic heaters. The Tuli Heater has been designed to be safe for use around smaller living spaces as well and features gentle curves. The inviting and touchable heater stays cool to the touch and doesn’t leave you with nasty scratches and burns even if you bump into it accidentally.

The Tuli Heater not only serves as a spot heater but is also ideal as a space heater since it uses a set of heating coils as its primary heating mechanism. The heater draws cold air through its bottom and as the air crosses over the coils it gets heated and the vents then push the heated air out of the top. This design ensures that the heated coils pose no threat to the user.

The flat, vented top allows the Tuli Heater to be used as a foot rest as well, therefore users can warm off freezing toes and can even dry wet socks on it. The top level of the heater is made from fire-resistant felt which retains heat to let the heater’s top stay warm for longer even when the heater is switched off.

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