Tuk tuks introduced recently in Europe hold a mobile catering facility

Tuk tuks aren’t a common site outside Asia but they are undoubtedly a practical ride. Most are built on a shoestring budget and are still manage to ship passengers from one site to another just as well as manufactured automobiles do. But, sadly, the gas powered tuk tuks from Asia don’t comply with safety or quality standards in Europe. However, an upgraded version of this superb auto has been built in Europe now.

e-Tuk Vendo

Tuk Tuk Factory is a Dutch company that has come out with this improved version. The e-Tuk Vendo is an electric powered three wheeled rickshaw that was launched recently and it is unquestionably one heck of a ride. The company has intelligently added to the functionality to the auto. The vehicle designed will do more than just carry around passengers from one destination to another. The three wheeler is also a mobile catering machine and has been loaded with food prep equipment.

On the front is the usual driver’s seat with controls but the rear of this tuk tuk is quite different from one you see sauntering on Asian roads. When you open the panel at the back a selling space with a canopy on top comes out. A table can also be added to this lovely setup. In fact, the table extends out from inside the vehicle. There is also a cargo storage area at the back.

e-Tuk Vendo

A maximum speed of 31 mph can be attained by this vehicle and its range is about 43.5 miles. This is a good enough speed for cities but might pose a slight problem on highways. The tuk tuk slots in a 72 volt AC motor. The lead acid battery charges via a grid in ten hours and also has a solar panel mounted on the roof. The battery provides power to the onboard refrigerator, water pumps and other systems as well. The auto will be available all through Europe and will be priced at €24000 or USD 31565.

Via: Gizmag

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