Tube, mini kitchen module is a boon for compact city apartments


Besides a packed schedule, unavailability of a compact or a smart kitchen is another reason that defers the working generation from cooking their meals at home, giving way to obesity and food related predicament. Addressing the issue for the working single or a couple, or even a small family for that matter, designer Faith Can Sarioz has come up with a compact, but at the same time unique, kitchen concept that easily fits in the small city apartments, allowing fresh and hygienic home made food for the working people. Hailed as “Tube,” the mini kitchen module takes its shape from 2 tubes that are united by a stem. Presenting a double decked glass case, the modular kitchen also features a round cooker (with induction technology) for a burn-free cooking. You may store small dishes in the oval drawers; while on the other hand, a big hatch provides amble space for saucepans. Moreover, the mini kitchen includes a table that comes out the module to dine the food for a small family. Simply smart and space saving, a boon for compact urban apartments!

tube 01
tube 02
tube 03
tube 04

[Cheers Faith]

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