Tube combines the personal vehicles with public transportation

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Increasing number of persona vehicles causing messy jams has just stranded the city roads, and not to talk about the environmental pollution. Addressing the issue, the “Tube” is an innovative commutation concept that combines the personal and public vehicles to make cities a better place for the residents. Comprised of three main elements, including a high-speed (160km/h) rail network, peripheral parking structures and a subscription service, the new transport system commutes passengers within built-up urban areas without the need of personal vehicles. For the system includes monocycles, parked in 9-meter tall vertical structures placed on the outskirts of the city. Measuring 700 mm in width, the monocycle accommodates two passengers in comfort to move around the city. And when not in use, the monocycles can be transported using the high-speed train from one station to another.

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Via: James Dyson Award

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