Tryton MM2 electric motorbike takes you on a romantic ride

tryton mm2 02

Combining the romance and elegance of classic motorcycles with the performance of modern day bikes, Boston-based designer Vil Tsimenzin has created a motorbike concept dubbed the “Tryton MM2” that runs on electric batteries to provide a sustainable ride but in style. Featuring the body finished in carbon fiber re-enforced by thermoplastic body panels, the electric motorbike provides a range of about 132 miles on a single charge, while the onboard battery pack can be charged through a conventional 110V outlet in about two and a half hours. Weighing about 215lbs, the zero emission motorcycle can reach the top speed of 160 mph and reach from zero to 100 mph in 4.4 seconds only.

tryton mm2 04
tryton mm2 01
tryton mm2 03
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tryton mm2 06

[Thanks Vil]

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