Try-Cycle ain’t your average tricycle

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Having always held tricycle as something lame, I was in for an eye opener with Try-cycle. A mode of individual transportation, this concept by Humberto Jimenez provides novel way of handling the vehicle and interacting with the environment. Instead of the seat located directly over the two wheels, Try-cycle has the rider seated upon the single wheel. The turning and balancing act is undertaken with the help of incline control buttons, conveniently located on the handle itself. Press the button on the side that you wish to turn to and one of the auxiliary wheels will be displaced forward leading to the necessary incline. LEDs are provided aplenty and the ride is fit enough to be made use of at night. Replicating the normal pedal movement, Try-cycle at no point involves the use of a motor and hence is eco-conscious. Humberto describes this one as fit for anyone “who expects new emotions on wheels” and I’d definitely concur. This concept might pose problems in moving from the drawing board to production but once there, it would excite any and everyone who comes into contact. Some more pictures of this green concept follow.

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Via: Ecofriend

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