Trust-building tandem Bi-Cycle

3 bi cycle model tPcc3 1333
Of all the extreme trust-building measures I have seen companies come up with so far, the Conference Bike was the most extreme. At least I thought it was the most radical. But that was till I had laid my eyes on this extremely impossible-looking Bi-Cycle. The tandem bike allows both the riders to contribute equally to the riding (and crashing?) experience by letting both of them steer and peal at the same time. Of course the exercise demands an inhuman amount of trust between the two riders which I’m guessing can be found only amongst members of the circus. Anyway, its fun to look at even though I certainly cannot guarantee if it’s any fun to ride, with or without a trustworthy partner. Watch two very trusting amigos try their hands (and legs) at the wondrous invention after the jump.

3 bi cycle folded tcVAZ 1333
3 bi cycle open ReE95 1333

Source: My Atomic Mass

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