Truck Flexx customizes with the load needs

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One would agree that trucks are widely used in continental transportation worldwide, transporting lots of different loads in different weights between varieties of distances. Every hauling company has its own fleet built of a variety of trucks having nearly the same features. Usually the carriers choose the best and most powerful trucks for their fleets, which in some cases might cause an unnecessary use of power and thus fuel. Providing a solution, Turkish designer Firat Ant has come up with a utility vehicle called Truck Flexx that provides flexibility in both engine power and cockpit choices according to the varied needs of the users.

With different power choices, the carrier can choose the needed motor power for different loads, such as cotton, iron or empty containers, regarding the distance and road conditions. Moreover, the cockpit side of the system gives the driver the option to customize his or her own cockpit, free of the possible changes regarding the engine. Alternatively the carrier can give the drivers the option to choose between different cockpits regarding the road conditions or the length of the distance with one, two or no bunkers and less or more space for the driver or the co-pilot when needed.

Use of drive by wire technology disconnects the cockpit part from the motor part. The cockpit part is designed as a tri-porter powered by a rechargeable small electrical drive train. It can detach from the engine when needed, providing ability to move within little distances, such as an engine change. After reaching the destination the driver unloads the cargo, still in combined mode of cockpit and the engine takes the vehicle to the place where the engines are stocked. Finally, a tri-porter detaches the cockpit and parks. Given a new destination, the driver will continue the journey with a new load and vehicle configuration. Attaching the parts together is a reversed operation of the detaching.

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[Thanks Firat]

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