Tron: Legacy Roller Coaster is nothing less than a virtual reality

American sci-fi film Tron: Legacy by Walt Disney Pictures created stir when it was released in the year 2010. Taking heavy inspiration from the themes and other elements of the film, designer Nancy Chen has come up with the Tron: Legacy Roller Coaster Design especially for the Disneyland Park.

TRON: Legacy Roller Coaster

Disneyland Park looks nothing less than a dream and has everything that one has just seen in fairy tales and is absolutely magical. The design is that of an all new roller coaster, which will be present at the Disneyland in California. Visitors got addicted to the ElecTRONica, which is a dance party theme from the movie, of course, and to give them more of TRON fever the designer came up with this attention grabbing roller coaster design.

The design comprises of various sections like Clu’s tower and Tron city. The core and major attraction will be the Tron city where one can party, relax and can get entertained. The grid will make virtual world a reality with technical superiority. The tower in the design will be a dark place which will function in a strict way. If any program goes out of line, it will either be deleted or will have to fight for survival when on the game grid. The home for famous and most loved Disney characters will get a new age feel with the Tron: Legacy Roller Coaster that is bound to become a major attraction at Disneyland Park.

[Cheers Nancy]

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