Make your trips comfortable with Poler Napsack

Poler is an OR-based company in Portland that specializes in making useful items which can be used while having outdoor fun. Be it bags, tents, clothes or any other accessories required for your adventure, Poler supplies it all. Moreover, the products of Poler look good, are durable and you will get a good value for your money. Out of all the products, one interesting product is the Napsack. As the name suggests, Napsack is for the purpose of sleeping during outdoor camps or even at home.

Poler Stuff Napsack

The unique design of Napsack helps people to use it both as a sleeping bag as well as a jacket. Napsack is rapidly gaining popularity because of its great usefulness and comfortable design. The main features of this unique Napsack include zips around the shoulders which can be opened to let your hands out and also a strap at the bottom that can hold the sack firmly when you want to keep your legs out. The sack can even be pulled really up so that you can tie it around your waist to wear it like a cozy jacket. So, basically the idea behind this design is to keep you warm always, no matter whether you are sleeping or are out of your tent for some fun.

The easy design of the Napsack allows you to use it anytime and anywhere, especially at places which are slightly cold and you need to be warm like on trips, campfires, surfing, etc. Moreover, this sleeping bag is so light in weight that you can actually wear it even inside the house. It will never make you too hot and sweaty. It can even make your getting up in the morning easier. You can sleep in the bag and get up to welcome the next morning without having to leave the warmth of Napsack.

Napsack comes with pockets to keep your small things like mobile and keys. The pocket has holes through which you can pass the wire of your headphone. This product can also help you to save electricity, as its warmth will make you to forget your heaters.

In short, the practical uses of Napsack are innumerable. It is so handy that you can actually carry it anywhere you go. Just part with $130 and then the whole winter, you will never ever want to part with your favorite sleeping bag, Napsack. Another great news is that this fun is not alone for adults. Poler makes Napsack even for kids. So, now your whole family can enjoy the winter together.

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