Triplo Toaster combines unique design with functionality

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Nowadays, along with various technical specifications, designers also pay a lot of attention to the design of their electrical appliances. So much so that sometimes they look more like a decorative piece than a regular appliance. Featuring an elegant design with refined technology, the Triplo Toaster is a similar kitchen appliance that will altogether change the way you prepare your morning toasts. Boasting of an external finish of glossy, durable and organic plastic, the toaster will accommodate refined heating and mechanical elements. Moreover, the toaster splits into three separate modules that will possibly allow baking and differently roasted toasts simultaneously.

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Design Status:

Triplo Toaster is a unique concept design that, if it goes in production in future, will change the visual as well as the functional styling of an ordinary household object.
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The chick toaster is designed to toast separate pieces of bread in between the modules, so the unit would be both a toaster and a toast rack.
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Craig Strangward is a product design student, with specialization in industrial design, 3-D modeling and packaging at DeMontfort University.

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