Tridration water bottle to quench bikers’ thirst without any distraction

Cycling can leave anyone exhausted and a few sips of water will make sure that the rider stays hydrated all the while. But sipping water from a bottle, while riding a bike, can hamper a rider’s performance without a second thought. Keeping all these things in mind, Brendan Joyce has designed a special water bottle named Tridration.

Tridration water bottle

The brilliantly designed water bottle can be adjusted as per a rider’s needs and will be fitted on the handlebar. It comprises of an adjustable straw, which makes sure that that complete focus is maintained on the road ahead without any distraction. The design features a mount, which will hold the bottle tightly because of the presence of hooks. It also makes sure that the water container can be removed easily for refilling and cleaning. Tridration has an easy tear system, which will let athletes easily pull up nutrition packets while racing.

Filling water from another bottle or cup while riding is quite easy, thanks to the quick fill feature. The silicone flaps can be easily opened and when closed won’t let the water splash out while cycling or racing. The design has two chambers which can be easily refilled because of the two quick fill ports. This lets a user fill two different drinks in the same bottle, which is absolutely amazing. The desired drink can be selected by shifting the fin towards left or right. To close both chambers, simply place the fin in the center. Tridration is a great blessing for riders and will help them keep focus on the winning goal.

[Cheers Brendan]

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