Eight trendy e-readers to read your digital books anywhere, anytime


Today there are millions of readers who regularly read e-books or something else to gain knowledge. By seeing the growing number of internet readers, there are plenty of e-book readers coming to the market. E-book readers makes reading task much easier. It is a special feel to read e-books on reader devices. Here is list of eight trendy e-readers to read your digital books anywhere, anytime. have a look!

1. Biblio leaf

Biblio Leaf

It is a wonderful e-reader device introduced by Toshiba and the interesting thing is that it is running by utilizing solar energy. It is also entitled as the first solar powered e-reader in the world. It is a Wi-Fi gadget and has a stylish 6 inches display. It is also enriched with 3G connectivity and has a built in memory of 2GB. The memory can be expanded by micro SD card. It will be available for $20 per month 3G contract and has the capacity of storing 3000 books.

2. Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1BC

Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1BC

It is a light weight model of e-reader with touch sensitive screen. You can read any kind of e-books or magazines from that are available online at Sony store. It also provides the access to e-books from other stores that uses Adobe DRM format. If the Wi-Fi is turned off, the battery will remain up to 5 weeks with a single charge. The memory can be expanded using microSD. The cost may be a dream to someone as it is available at $149 but the truth is that it is reasonable.

3. Amazon Kindle 3G

Amazon Kindle 3G

There is no requirement for wireless set up for this product. The reader uses the same signals using by mobile phones. One of the interesting product features is that you don’t need to pay monthly payments. You can use it even when you are not able to find a Wi-Fi spot. Amazon Kindle 3G is best fro travelers as it provide access in more than hundreds of countries. The design of the e-reader is fine and has a stylish shape for buttons. Without wireless usage, the battery will be last for one month in a single charge.

4. Barnes & Noble Nook Color

Barnes & Noble Nook Color

Actually it is a multi media device that is powered with Android. More than an e-reader, it provides high quality video-audio playback. The e-reader has many facilities with many supportive types of files. The reading will be interesting by its colored stylish screen. Also it allows the sharing of documents to the web. It comes with 7 inches touch sensitive screen and Wi-Fi connectivity. It has 8GB built in memory and it can be expanded also. Above all, it has a stylish design.

5. Kobo eReader Touch Edition

Kobo eReader Touch Edition

It is a light weight e-reader which has a stylish design. It comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. The memory is expandable with SD slot available. The battery life will be up to one month if the wireless is turned off. But, one down side is that it does not support audio. It enables a web browser. Kobo e-book store is already integrated to the device.

6. Iriver Story HD

Iriver Story HD

One of the interesting features of Iriver Story HD is it has a high resolution screen with 768 X 1024 pixels. Google Books is already integrated to the device. The memory is expandable just like others. It has a built in Wi-Fi connectivity and the battery life will last for 30 days in a single charge if the usage is limited and the wireless is turned off. It has no touch sensitive screen and social media integrations. It is perfect for Google Books fans but the price may be a problem even it has no touch sensitive screen.

7. Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1WC

Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1WC

It is a light weight e-reader with touch sensitive screen. It provides the access to large collection of e-books through Sony’s online store and many other online stores. It provides additional audio features than PRS-T1BC model. The design is fine. But, it does not support social media integration.

8. Pandigital Novel e-reader

Pandigital Novel eReader

It comes up with fine touch sensitive screen of 800 x 480 pixels screen resolution. It also provides a stylus and is attached at the bottom corner of the device. It enables the users to download many e-books with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity. Facebook, calendar, audio and video play back, slideshows and much more facilities makes the Novel e-reader special. It operates by Android and in addition you can install other e-book reader apps. It has 1GB built in memory and the battery life is just 6 hours when it is in reading mode.

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