Tree Well BR, a bike parking system to support needs of sustainable cities

The world is becoming eco conscious and this is evident from the clean and green products that are flooding the globe like never before. In an attempt to make cities all the more sustainable people are opting for rides that won’t pollute the environment further. So, may are switching to bicycles and electric bikes that don’t add harmful fumes to the atmosphere. This means that new type of parking spaces is required to keep these modes of transportation safe and secure. Eliel Cabrera has designed a parking bike solution, named Tree-well BR, which will blend perfectly with the contemporary feel of a city.

Tree-well BR

The designer came up with a brilliantly designed tree well that has been given a square shape and can be easily swapped in place of old ones. It will comprise of rectangular shaped profile that will be used to keep the bike in place. The best part being that this profile can be returned to the ground level via a simple mechanism when not in use. Such an ingenious arrangement makes sure that it does not come in one’s way, which can also make pedestrians trip and fall if it is dark around.

Tree-well BR has been crafted out of cast iron and comprises of two pieces that have been formed from the same mold. It will be placed around the base of a tree where people can park their bikes easily. There will be two rectangular profiles that will be made from bent iron and will be attached with a shaft. The design is quite user friendly and will inject a sense of sustainability while triggering ecological awareness.

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