Trash Point to keep surroundings clean and green

trash point

Leonor Castillo from Dominican Republic has designed a set of dustbins named Trash Point which will keep the surroundings clean. The waste collection system has been designed with a purpose to be placed at supermarkets and other stores which are visited by a lot of people.

The trash bin s easy to use and comes in four colors, each signifying something. If you look closely each colored waste collection case has images on it which tells what kind of garbage should be disposed off in it. Plastic bottles, paper, glass bottles and aluminum cans should be thrown in a particular colored container. Such a healthy practice cuts down all the time consumed to separate waste.

The containers have been crafted in a neat manner out of steel and come fitted with light poles. These light poles can be lit during night time and will make sure even when it gets dark outside the user throws garbage in the correct container and does not litter the surroundings. These lamps are charged with help of solar energy hence, no extra electricity supply required. Garbage can be emptied only by an authorized person as it is locked and requires a key to be opened.

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