Transitive Light System transcends artificial and natural lighting

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Artificial lighting has come a long way: from candles to gas lamps to neon lights. Any city today dazzles with neon lights at night and the lights have become a symbol of post-modern reckless urbanization. Strangely, our bodies are designed in such a way that it expects sunlight during the day and the dark at night. This homeostasis becomes upset when even during the day we use artificial lighting. Our dependence on artificial lighting is so immense that urban people are gradually losing their perception of artificial and natural light. Transitive Light System is a design by Mizar Lighting, which aims to bridge the gap between artificial and natural lighting. While it is necessary to use artificial lighting even during the day, it need not be compromised with a total lack of natural lighting. A transition from our total dependence on artificiality must be made to accept natural light as being more important. The whole idea of the system is to stress that artificial and natural lighting are not mutually exclusive.

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Via: GasDesignGroup

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