Transform your iPhone into a portable scanner with the Scanbox

As evolved as modern technology is, whenever one needs to scan hard copies of documents and upload them into digital formats in optimum quality, one need to resort to the clunky, oversized traditional scanner/copier machines. Even though these machines are used somewhat occasionally in a world where most official documents are exchanged over email, there really isn’t an alternative to them which is why Aussie design team comprising of designers Luke Allen, Ben Hillier and Phil Bosua created the Scanbox.


The portable scanning box is an unbelievably uncomplicated, affordable and easy to carry around solution to one’s scanning/copying needs. It can be easily flat packed and fitted into a bag or a brief case and carried around and can be quickly stored away in an office drawer or a small shelf depending on the occasional usefulness of such devices. What makes the Scanbox a really great alternative to the traditional scanner and copier machine is the fact that it uses a smartphone’s camera to take high resolution pictures of the document that needs to be scanned which means that one does not need to constantly keep upgrading their scanner for better quality scans which can be very expensive for smaller companies and individual users.

Since the Scanbox uses a smartphone’s camera to take high-res pictures, it is suitable for kinds of lighting conditions too since it basically depends on the flash of the camera itself for optimizing lighting required for the scan. With the Scanbox, users can turn their phones into photocopying machines and scan pages from books, magazines and newspapers that are not available in a digital format. The Scanbox can provide great eBay product shots by scanning 3D objects and serve as a live projector during presentations. What’s even better is that with the Scanbox you can digitize all your receipts and store them in a single folder in your memory card or computer hard drive so you don’t have to manually store all of them for use during the tax season.

Scanbox is also unbelievable portable. It packs down flat to fit in your bag and is. When you want to use it simply unfold and let the high powered to hold it together for you. Practically indestructible, the Scanbox comes flat packed with powerful mini magnets that keep the structure together when you’re using it. To maximize the scans’ color vibrancy, reduce lens flare and diffuse light, the inside of the Scanbox has been kept completely white with the exterior being offered in a variety of colors. The Scanbox can be used with any device that has a camera and is optimized for use with smartphones including the iPhone 4 and 4S and can scan documents and photos up to A4 paper size and US Letter.

Via: Kickstarter

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