How do I transfer the right of ownership of my designs(industrial design)?

I am a resident of boston. I have some designs(industrial design)in my kitty for which I want to transfer the right of ownership to my partner of eight years. Will you please tell me how do I transfer the right of ownership? But most importantly please tell me whether it is even possible to transfer the right of ownership? Looking forward.

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  1. “Industrial design” is the title granted by an authorized government authority to protect the artistic or beautification characteristics of an object. This conferment protects solely the non-functional features of a product meant for industrial use but does not protect any technical feature of such product to which it applies. Industrial design rights are endowed to the creator of designs to recompense them for their endeavor and investment in developing a product. The duration of industrial design protection is fourteen years in the United States of America commencing from the date of grant of the design patent.The holder of these rights has the exclusive privilege to make, import from abroad or sell any objects to which the design may apply. Industrial design rights can be transferred by the person, on whom the rights have been conferred lawfully, to relatives or third parties by way of testament, donation, written agreements or through any other lawfully recognized instruments. All such incidences and instruments of transfer must be registered with the Registrar of Industrial designs by paying the prescribed fees for the said purpose. Any transfer of Industrial design rights made in contravention of the above rule would render the transfer invalid in relation to the party to whom the transfer was purported to be made. But before a person can avail all the above mentioned rights they must register their industrial designs with an authorized governmental agency like the U.S. patents office.

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