Tragus: Wireless earbuds inject new form to the term hi-tech

Inspired by the natural, elegant form factor of the human ear, designer John Whaley has designed unique earbuds that represents a new way of looking at consumer electronics that have become extensions of the human body, apart from letting you enjoy music wirelessly. Hailed as “Tragus,” the Bluetooth headset fits the needs of the up-and-coming, tech-savvy and media-hungry generation. Featuring a truncated wire in its “squiggle” design that acts as a lapel clip, the Tragus stands out from the crowd in its unique form factor, turning out to be a trendy accessory for the dudes. The Tragus comes with built-in clip that brings mike closer to your mouth and provides shirt-collar storage, when not in use.

tragus 02

[Thanks John]

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