Traditional Mobile Dining for urban apartments

mobile dining

Keeping to the Japanese tradition, Nobuhiro Teshima designed a low-height, highly portable dining table that allows floor dining. This exclusive piece of furniture called “Mobile Dining” is ideal for cramped apartments. It is fitted inside a specialized wooden cupboard along with number of shelves offering perfect space for keeping cutlery sets and wine bottles. On unfolding the table from the cabinet, it stretches out to accommodate eight people at a time. The absence of chairs is for the Japanese style of eating allowing you to dine comfortably while sitting on the floor. The height of the table is adjustable and can also be used as a game table. The wooden cupboard stands on the wheels that allow its easy movement from one place to other. Incredibly transportable and space saving, this portable dining table provides you with stylish dining space merged with tradition.

mobile dining 06
mobile dining 01

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  1. We’re moving an elderly woman into a smaller home.. she loves to entertain and feed her large family.. can this be made to be 30 -32″ table height? what are dimensions of the table fully extended? and can it come in other (darker) colors?

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