Toyota ‘Tsugi’ Concept: Flaunt your personality!

the super hornet

Everything almost that we own, or long to own for that matter, is a direct tribute to our personality. Cars are no exception. Toyota ‘Tsugi’ is a wonderful concept that extends this fundamental truth to the next level (Tsugi means ‘next’ in Japanese). Paul Howse is the mastermind behind this concept car and he has tried to bring technology into a vehicle in a never-before-seen way. Socializing in the age of networking revolution is just mandatory in every action of ours. Tsugi builds on this and projects the driver’s profile on the side screen of the car itself. The profile will display everything that you desire, ranging right from your music interests to the latest fashion accessory of yours. And this profile is updated frequently using a ‘netsuke’ inspired portable interface.

The concept is designed to provide a greater degree of juxtaposition between Tokyo’s form and the youth that’s behind the wheels. The fact that you are able to communicate yourself without any real effort on your part is downright amazing. The possibilities are limitless! At the very least the graphics on side of vehicles will provide an opportunity to pass time through those horrific traffic jams.

Via: 333cn

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