Toyota HSCV-40: Futuristic vehicle for underwater city transportation

toyota hscv 1

Designer: Olof Claesson

In a futuristic attempt to make transportation in the underwater cities faster and more enjoyable, industrial designer Olof Claesson has conceptualized the Toyota HSCV-40 (High Speed Concept Vehicle). The water jet-driven vehicle gets its power from an 800hp biogas engine and has a maximum cruise speed of 300 knots. The vehicle offers unparalleled maneuverability during both high and low speeds, thanks to the steering being given through both flaps and the jets. The refueling will be done at unmanned stations with the biogas produced in the self-sufficient underwater city environment. The high-tech navigation system helps the vehicle to operate with or without a driver. The Toyota HSCV-40 is capable of carrying up to three persons at a time.

toyota hscv 2toyota hscv 3

[Thanks Olof]

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