Tourist-friendly Seoul Bike Tour System by Kukil Han

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One of the most common complaints amongst tourists visiting any new country is that they only get to see a limited number of popular spots and always end up missing a whole lot of places they feel they should have seen. This brand new and innovative concept created by designers Kukil Han, Daehyun Kim, Bojoong Kim and Jihwan Yun, looks to rectify this specific problem with the help of an intuitive tourist transportation system.

The Seoul Bike Tour System concept is based on a method that comprises of a large electric vehicle that has detachable bicycles attached to it. The idea behind this system is that in any city, there are a number of tourist locations- some of which are best explored on a bicycle while others are in far off places and require the use of public transportation. This concept looks to combine the two modes of travel to give tourists the option of hiring a bicycle for personal mobility and also avail the services of a large public guide van that can help them tug a ride to further locations.

The process will require tourists to use interactive kiosks set up around the city to apply for the bike tour using credit cards. A tour van that is heading in the direction you requested would pick you up and take you to your destination. When you arrive at your spot of choice, the bicycle will detach from the vehicle and you would be able to use it to explore the spot on your own.

When the tour is ready to move to the next destination, the display on your bike will notify you and you can then return to the van and move on to the next tour spot with the guide van. The van will also have a trunk that would carry the tourists’ backpacks.

Large screens within the van will offer detailed information about the particular spot that the guide van is traveling to or from, and additional information will be provided on the smaller screens on the bikes. The screens on the bikes will also be able to communicate important safety regulations applicable in a particular area to the tourists via augmented reality and GPS.

The guide van will operate on a fuel hybrid system with solar panels installed on its roof that will power the EV making it an environmentally-friendly city vehicle.

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