Touchscreen enabled vending machine pops out medical marijuana

Cops have been trying almost forever to get rid of drug dealers and clean the poor neighborhoods of the biggest cities in the world of folks who sustain the dirty trade. However, a quirky new vending machine is all set to drive drug dealers and shady pharmacists out of business. Why do you ask? Well, because it vends medical marijuana to anyone who possesses a special swipe card and a set of security details that comes with it, or maybe just a handy set of burglar’s tools or anything else that robbers use to burst ATMs and bank vaults open!

Vending machine

anything else that robbers use to burst ATMs and bank vaults open!

Undoubtedly one of the most outrageous automatic drug dispensing ideas since someone suggested Viagra dispensing machines be set up in men’s restrooms, this brand new medical marijuana dispensing vending machine designed by Dispense Labs is called Autospense. The makers of the vending machine claim that it adds another layer of security to the process of delivering medical marijuana to those genuinely in need. To get yourself a dose of the medical marijuana, you’re going to need a special PIN code and a special swipe card which you’d be able to use in conjunction with thumbprint verification.

Multiple cameras keep an eye on your every move while you interact with the vending machine via the touchscreen. Users will be able to choose between selections and varieties of marijuana including Platinum, Bio Diesel and Skywalker among other. For now, the vending machine will only be available at selected locations in California though we hope your friendly neighborhood weed dealer to tell you about where one can be found in your city as well.

Via: Dvice

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