Touch sensitive Sensu Stylus is the new age paintbrush for the iPad

Experience painting in an all new avatar with the new Sensu stylus. Created for painting a better picture, the device surely does full justice to its name. Sensitive to every possible touch and movement, the brush is what it takes for an amateur to actually become a master painter.

Sensu Stylus

The product consists of a brush like nib, which roams freely over the screen, letting you paint in any way possible. The unique, sleek design is such that it simply flows from one end to another, awarding you with comfort and utility in every possible movement. Ideal for all those budding artists who are still learning the art of recreating magical moments on an iPad screen rather than a physical piece of paper.

The brush like device has been fixed with an inbuilt eraser at one end, just in case some alterations need to be made to the design. The protective cover on the extension not only allows for the much needed stability, but also ensures that every possible movement is as steady and focused as possible.

Although, the sale of this product is yet to start in May, there are a lot of hopes when it comes to measuring the true utility of this multi faceted device.

Via: Core77

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