TOUCH Induction Cooktop lets you feel the heat

touch induction cook top 01

With growing popularity of induction cooking, we have some of the most refined, both visually and in functionality, cooktops in the recent past, which not only boost the flavor and worth of your meals but also enhances the decor of your place. However, the latest cooktop by Singapore based designer Hairy Mammoth is an induction cooktop with difference that that approaches the way of cooking in a whole new manner. Dubbed “TOUCH,” the induction cooktop features Tactile Morphing surface, which allows controls to be more interactive. The controls, feedback and the heating elements work in synchronization between one another. This process brings about a new form of communication between user and controls, allowing users to literally feel the “heat” during cooking, delivering a differentiated and tactile user experiences.

touch induction cook top 03
touch induction cook top 04

[Cheers Hairy]

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