Touch & Go navigator makes life autonomous for visually impaired

touch go 01

Conceived by Russian designer Natalia Ponomareva, the “Touch & Go” is a navigation system for the visually impaired, which navigates them in the outside world and makes them autonomous even beyond the four walls of their homes. Combining a hand gadget with earpiece, the device can be worn around the hand like a fashionable accessory. Featuring a tactile display that shows the directions as a relief map, the wearable navigator uses 1:1000 scale and plum in the center depicts the position of the user. Indicating the direction wherein the user has to move with an arrow, the system also provides auditory support via the earphone, which is fitted with an ultrasonic transmitter-receiver. Since the device fastens to the back of the hand, users can carry it around quite conveniently.

touch go 02
touch go 03
touch go 04
touch go 05
touch go 06
touch go 07
touch go 08

[Cheers Natalia]

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