Touah shower system uses piston mechanism to reduce water wastage

Touah Shower’s design application utilizes simple piston mechanism to drastically reduce the amount of water wasted as we proceed our daily ablutions. The dynamic shower system unbelievably functions without any pipeline components or electrical fittings. To understand the design functioning one has to start from the base of the shower where the used water gets collected and subsequently filtered as it gets pushed up the two containers using piston system.
Between the adjustable containers there are 3 small shelves which help to structure the upper part of the shower system. The uppermost lever can be pulled down to extract water for bathing purpose while the rest can be used to hold the soap and shampoo. The remaining water displaced from the container following filtration can be used for toilet and other activities such as floor cleaning or car washing. The base, containers and toilet tank are all made of stainless steel. The base made of glossy finished ABS plastic too can be extended to fit the shower room.

Via: Behance

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