Topaz Notebook Computer: A special army computer

topaz notebook computer

The primary mission of the army is to provide national security. It saves the country from external threats and maintains peace. For the people who provide such courageous service to the nation, Topaz has designed special notebook computers that are as tough as the army itself. These special military computers are strong enough to undergo the rough US Army qualification testing.

These notebook computers are suitable to be used during wars. They can be used to process precise data, recover important information and make accurate calculations. Furthermore, the features that make the notebook computer all the more suitable for the army are its capability to withstand all types of harsh conditions. These computers have been made waterproof, sand proof and lightning proof. They can resist vibrations and a drop from up to five feet and can also withstand high altitude and temperature.

The body of the computer has been made tough by using cast magnesium that has been combined with overmolded elastomer. Magnesium provides strength and light weight, and TPE acts as a shock absorber and gives a good grip. The company also claims that the computer has been made very user-friendly so that it can be easily used during stressful situations.

It is very thoughtful of Topaz to create such a smart computer for the army. The army provides the nation with such a selfless service, so it is the duty of the people to help and encourage them to fight bravely. Such computers will surely make their work easier, safer and faster.

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