Top 7 designer taps under $500

Top 7 designer taps under $500

The world of interior design has never been known to be a budget-friendly affair. Since time immemorial, the rich and the famous have set the bar high with their no-expense-spared tastes that made the salaried classes feel just how ordinary our consumerist lives were. Though most of us cannot afford to spend a major portion of our lives’ savings on getting diamond-studded furniture, we settle for statement pieces that highlight our personality instead of our bank balance. For most home owners, the quest for finding the perfect bath fixtures almost never ends, but if you are looking to spruce up your bath space, it might be a good idea to put yourself on a budget before going on a shopping spree since the world of faucets alone is filled with glamorous items that sometimes cost as much as a pre-owned car! For budget renovators, we present our pick of top seven designer taps that cost less than $500 but add a million dollar sparkle to your vanity!

1. Herbeau Chimere Wall-mounted Tap

Price: $ 360.22 (on sale from $ 724)

Herbeau Chimere Wall-mounted Tap


This faucet borrows its name and part of its form, from the mythological creature mentioned in Homer’s Iliad, the Chimaera, which as a fire-breathing female monster residing in Lycia in Asia Minor. As a literary symbol, the Chimaera stands for a foolish or impossible fantasy and it is that fantastical element that is reflected in the design of this marvelous Herbeau original. Louis Herbeau, the founder of the sanitary ware Couturiers, is known as a pioneer in the field having opened one of the first showrooms mastering L’Art du Sanitaire (the art of sanitary ware) in France in the year 1857.


The Herbeau “Chimere” Wall Mounted Tap measures 4 1/2″ in height with a 4 1/2″ projection. For hot or cold water only, the intricately designed faucet resembles not only the mythological creature it is named after, but also evokes the interior of Versailles when Marie Antoinette spared no expense in having the palace decorated with the best pieces of the time. Crafted to fit into the luxury, royalty-themed bath décor, the Herbeau “Chimere” Wall Mounted Tap is almost a steal at this price.


– With an intricate beading on the cross handle and escutcheon, the Herbeau “Chimere” Wall Mounted Tap makes even the most modest porcelain vessel appear top-of-the-line.

– With an exhaustive number of available finishes, including old gold (unlacquered), polished chrome, solid brass old silver (unlacquered), polished brass (unlacquered) polished nickel, brushed nickel, polished brass (unlacquered), weathered copper etc. the faucet fits almost any color scheme.

– Coming from one of the world’s leading sanitary ware makers, the faucet is truly one-of-a-kind and would make bath most unique and glamorous instantly.

2. Kohler Devonshire Widespread Lavatory Faucet

Price: $ 259.00

Kohler Devonshire Widespread Lavatory Faucet


Featuring 8-to-16-inch centers, the two-handle Kohler Devonshire Widespread Lavatory Faucet comes with a stationary spout that offers a 6-3/8-inch spread. With tarnish-, corrosion- and scratch-resistant finishes, the faucet comes with an optional low-flow aerator and allows a max water flow of 5.7 liters per minute.


Combining contemporary lines with old-world elegance, the Kohler Devonshire Widespread Lavatory Faucet is a distinct creation that merges convenience with functionality. Part of Kohler’s Devonshire Suite, the faucet’s intricate details and rounded lines enhance any bathroom’s look with its classic detailing. With ADA-compliant lever handles, the old-world styling of the Devonshire faucet features a pop-up drain for easy cleaning and maintenance.


– With flexible stainless steel components and a top-mount system and, the Devonshire faucet can be fitted into any vessel or vanity with the minimum fuss and equipment.

– The Devonshire faucet was created to suit any décor and its contemporary lines and classical elegance allow it to blend in with retro, classic as well as modern bath styles.

– Fitted with Kohler ceramic disc valves, the faucet is constructed out of solid brass which gives it an unprecedented level of durability and allows it to perform without any hiccups for years on end.

3. Fluid Fan Single Hole Bathroom Faucet

Price: $476.00

Fluid Fan Single Hole Bathroom Faucet


The Fluid Fan Single Hole Bathroom Faucet represents the detailed craftsmanship put into the making of each and every one of the faucets that bear the Fluid name. Designed with unique angles and meticulous curves, each Fluid faucet comes with mirror-like polished surfaces that reflect the extra time dedicated by the firm to the creation of every fixture. Since each Fluid faucet is created using brass, it ensures users’ a lifetime warranty on each product.


A part of the Fan series, the Fluid Fan Single Hole Bathroom Faucet borrows its motion and graceful lines from the history of the fan that was used to represent social status in ancient Asia. With a 2.2 gallon per minute water flow, the Fluid Fan Single Hole Bathroom Faucet comes with added safety measures like max-temperature limit stop and volume and temperature controls via single lever handle operation. Measuring 6.875″ H x 10.375″ W x 6.125″ D, each Fluid faucet is designed to ensure life-long trouble-free use.


– The Polished Chrome finish of the Fluid Fan Single Hole Bathroom Faucet brightens up the bath scheme.

– Heavy brass construction and Italian hydroplast ceramic cartridge allow the faucet to be durable and reliable.

– Not only is the Fluid Fan Single Hole Bathroom Faucet priced fairly, it also comes with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing and material defects.

4. Artos Twist Bathroom Sink Faucet

Price: $419.30

Artos Twist Bathroom Sink Faucet


Though bath fittings in the late 20th and early 21st century were created with straight lines to resemble the ‘de-cluttered’ look, the Artos Twist Bathroom Sink Faucet was deliberately given an unusual shape to stand out of the ordinary. The faucet itself represents the artistic side of bath fittings with its out-of-the-ordinary shape that draws the viewer in with its unorthodox silhouette.


Part of Artos’ Twist collection, the Twist Bathroom Sink Faucet is designed and manufactured in Italy and is available in Chrome and Brushed Nickel finishes. With a single hole installation, the 6.5″ H x 5.63″ W x 6.13″ D bathroom sink faucet comes with a ceramic disc cartridge for trouble-free use.


– The Artos Twist Bathroom Sink Faucet comes in attractive modern finishes that cater to modern tastes.

– The faucet can be easily installed.

– The unusual shape of the faucet adds an element of playfulness to even the simplest bath décor.

5. Montpellier Series Vessel Height Lavatory Faucet

Price: $ 429.00

Montpellier Series Vessel Height Lavatory Faucet


The Montpellier Series Vessel Height Lavatory Faucet is a rather unique bath fixture that introduces an aura of other-worldly charm in your washroom. Borrowing lines from classic faucet designs as well as silhouettes from the steampunk genre, the faucets delight with their ease-of-use as well as elegant styling.


With Satin Nickel, Polished Chrome, and Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes to choose from, the widespread lavatory set has an overall spout height of 12 1/16″ with a 9 5/16″ aerator. The spout spans 6 15/16″ and the faucet comes with ceramic disc cartridge for smooth performance while a metal pop up drain allows it to be cleaned and maintained with ease.


– The Montpellier Series Vessel Height Lavatory Faucet blends early modern lines with classic curves.

– The unique finishes allow users to dramatically alter their bath décor.

– The high-set spout and levels allow users to easily turn the faucet on and off.

6. Kraus Waterfall Series Vessel Faucet

Price: $ 150.00

Kraus Premium Faucets Waterfall Series Vessel Faucet


Constructed from solid brass, the Kraus Waterfall Series Vessel Faucet breaks the mold and rewrites the book on what a stylish faucet can look like. With a top-mount single-hole installation, the easy-to-fit faucet comes with a single lever temperature and water and control.


With a 13″-high faucet, the Kraus Waterfall Series Vessel Faucet has an 8″ spout with a 5.5″ reach which makes it more than adequate for all types and shapes of vessels.


– The Kraus Premium Faucets Waterfall Series Vessel Faucet is available in gold, chrome, oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, and antique brass.

– A high-quality ceramic cartridge allows trouble-free operation for years.

– A unique 6.5″ matching tempered glass plate offers the faucet an added dramatic dimension.

7. Grohe Ladylux Basin/Pillar Tap

Price: $ 217.75

Grohe Ladylux Basin/Pillar Tap


Putting a premium on simplicity, the uncluttered lines of the Grohe Ladylux Basin/Pillar Tap brings serenity to any bath décor. Produced from solid, Grade 304 stainless steel, the faucet comes with a 5 9/16″ swivel spout and offers no-fuss operation and provides a single focal point for your vanity.


Fitted with GROHE SilkMove® Ceramic Cartridge, the Grohe Ladylux Basin/Pillar Tap is created to ensure years of trouble-free usage while its space-saving lines give any bathroom a distinct clean and de-cluttered look.


– With a single inlet for hot or cold water, the Grohe Ladylux Basin/Pillar Tap is super-easy to install and maintain.

– The simple lines of the faucet allow users to make the most of a designer vessel.

– The modernistic faucet instantly brightens up the bath décor with its high-gloss stainless steel finish.

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