Top 10 portable bike concepts for the urban environment

Modern technology has made life much easier with its various portability solutions. Although we have many kinds of household devices which have gone portable, the personal mobility sector has remained largely untouched by such innovations. However, many portable solutions to personal mobility has raised its head in concepts in recent times. We heard of portable bikes, which you can carry like a bag or suitcase or park in a very limited space. The concepts look towards portability as well as something that will take up the minimum of parking space. Here is a list of some finest conceptual portable bikes, which might hit the roads in the near future.

1. Backpack Bicycle

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2. Rotation City Bike

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3. BMW Mini

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4. Diwheel Bike

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5. Monocycle: World’s first self balancing bike

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6. Locust Bicycle

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7. Noah Bike

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8. Shape-shifting bicycle

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9. Bike pack

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10. Trust-building Bi-Cycle

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