Top 10 Decorative mirror under $500

Lots of people on this planet start their day after facing the mirror and can’t sleep before facing the mirror at night too. In each and every room, mirrors can be used. As we all know that we cannot see ourselves thus mirrors gives us the opportunity to check ourselves and to look better. The mirrors also act as a decorative piece at home and people fondly hang it on their walls. The stylish mirrors offer ambiance to the house and brighten up the wall with its sizzling looks. The decorative mirrors come in different sizes and shapes and according to the user’s choice and affordability it is bought and decorated. Here we have the collection of 10 stylish mirrors under $500 that will surely brighten up your home.

1. Golden Sun Ray Decorative Mirror

Price: $13.09

Golden Sun Ray  Mirror

This sizzling mirror is sun shaped and can be used as a decor in the house. This mirror is 17 inches in diameter and can be hanged anywhere and is made up of polyurethane. This sun shaped mirror has golden branches from the center of the mirror. The sizzling mirror is stylish and the user will find it handy and trendy.


This sizzling mirror is sun shaped and the golden branches from the mirror pops out like the rays of the sun.


The golden sun ray mirror is a stylish and a decorative piece and can be hanged easily anywhere in the room. It is fancy and trendy and has the ability to attract attention of the people.

2. Ashton Sutton wall mirror

Price: $59.99

Ashton Sutton wall mirror

The Ashton Sutton wall mirror is an awesome design of the star burst. This sizzling mirror is made up of metal rays and glass mirror. It has a retro design with century styling. Hand welded frame is used in the wonderful frame of the mirror. The mirror is surrounded by the metal stem and silver tome disc is embedded on the stem. It can be hanged and decorated anywhere in the room.


This sizzling and innovative design of mirror makes it different from all other mirrors. Its handmade welded metal frame is awesome and is well designed. It resembles the stars in the sky and looks like the Milky Way.


The sizzling mirror can be hanged and decorated anywhere in the room. It is like the masterpiece of the house.

3. Danielle D711 Beveled Oval vanity mirror

Price: $101.93

Danielle D711 Beveled Oval vanity mirrorThe splendid and unique Beveled vanity mirror is oval shaped mirror that gives a tinge of sophistication in the room. It has simple yet elegant design that can add up to the decor of the house. It is specially made to enhance the beauty through applying makeup while gazing on it and for general use.


The exquisite is sleek and elegant mirror with modest design. This mirror is designed for general make up use.


This elegant and splendid mirror can be used as a décor. It has sophisticated design and looks and can be used for makeup purposes as it shows the features of reflection distinctly.

4. Karika Round Mirror

Price: $228

Karika  Round MirrorThis stylish and awesome mirror is made up of heavy antiqued golden bronze and iron. This is a beautiful mirror that can be placed anywhere in the room and it acts like a decor of the house. It is attached to bracket and can be hanged conveniently. The shape of the mirror is round and is beveled.


The mirror contains hand printed metal finishing giving great looks to the product.


The product is durable and can be hanged anywhere in the room. It acts as a sizzling decor of the house with its great looks.

5. Palesa Rustic Black and brown rectangular mirror

Price: $218

Palesa Rustic Black and brown rectangular mirrorThis awesome mirror is rectangular shaped and is made up of embossed copper penal, wood, and Sage glaze. This mirror has elegant and stylish looks and is available in black and brown color. The mirror is easy to hang and make the wall look superb with its elegance. The dimension of the frame is 26.571 inches width wise and 34.571 inches high. The mirror embedded in the center is 16 inches wide and 24 inches high.


The Palesa mirror has a wooden rectangular frame. It is a durable product and makes the room look good and beautiful.


The mirror can be hanged on the wall of the room. The wooden frame offers high quality and elegance look.

6. Victorian wall mirror

Price: $8.08

The Victorian wall mirror is an elegant and stylish showpiece that will surely mesmerize the people towards its beauty. The classy mirror is made up of iron and mirror with handmade stunning lace around it. The mirror is 10 ¾ inches in diameter and ½ inches thick. The mirror can be hanged anywhere as it is embedded with a hole. The reflection seen in the mirror will surely make you feel fresh and divine.


The Victorian wall mirror is an elegant piece and is decorated by a lace. The mirror is square shaped with a round iron frame.


The Victorian mirror will make your wall look classy and trendy. The best thing about it is its affordability.

7. RoomMates MIR0009STS Star Peel & Stick Mirrors

Price: $9.99

RoomMates MIR0009STS Star Peel & Stick MirrorsThe RoomMates mirror is an innovative piece work. The sweet tiny stars look great especially in bathrooms and the place where you need swift. On the flat surface mirrors and the lovely stars is to be applied by removing the protective backing. The mirror are easy to clean and can be removed comfortably.


The product contains four small mirrors. The mirror and the lovely stars are to be applied on the surface and are easy to remove without any sticky residue.


The RoomMates mirror is safe for children as it do not contain glass. It can be removed easily and cleaned properly.

8. Sabrina Decorative mirror

Price: $199

Sabrina Decorative mirror

Sabrina decorative mirror will surely lighten up the wall of your house. This mirror is an awesome decor for your house. The sophisticated look and design with superb quality add up new color to the home. The mirror is made up of the hand forged metal frame that offers high durability and style. It gives polished look due to hand applied finishing. The size of the mirror is large and wide.


The mirror is huge and offers elegance and style. Due to hand forged metal frame it is durable and trendy.


The mirror is a great decor for your house. It will surely brighten up your house with good looks.

9. Capital lightening M282848 Decorative Wall Mirror

Price: $301.00

Capital lightening M282848 Decorative Wall MirrorThe capital lightening mirror is an awesome masterpiece for your home. Its frame is made up of sizzling winter gold. The capital lightening mirror can be hanged on the wall. You all will be amazed to look at its shine and sizzling beauty. It will look good at your living room and bed room and make your wall look elegant and trendy.


The frame of the sizzling capital mirror is made up of winter gold. The frame makes the wall look elegant and stylish.


The capital mirror can be easily hanged up on the wall. Its shine brightens up the aura of the whole room.

10. Alita Black woven metal

Price: $470

Alita Black woven metalAlita is a round shaped and is made up of black Woven metal with rust brown highlights. The awesome mirror includes brackets and can be hanged anywhere according to the convenience. It is beveled and weighs 32 lbs.


The mirror is round shaped and is and is stylish and trendy in its looks.


The mirror has brackets and can be easily hanged at your favorite place.

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