Toccare 4g mouse flaunts lavish style sensibilities of Ferrari

All Ferrari and racing fans out there will love the idea of an onscreen tracker bearing the logo of their favorite sports car. So, holding the Ferrari Toccare 4g mouse will definitely remind them of the adrenaline rush felt whenever their favorite sports vehicle whizzes by on the racetrack. The handy computer gadget comes in three patterns, namely; carbon fiber body, ceramic white body and lastly suede with metallic rosso body.

Ferrari Toccare 4g mouse

Even a slight glance at the mouse will remind you of Ferrari. The appearance and cutting edge technology of the Ferrari brand have been manifested truly into the piece. It is a super cool brand memento. The mouse has a curvaceous outline just like the aerodynamic body of the speedy auto. The suede top of the mouse takes you back to the lavish style sensibilities of Ferrari. This top also cushions your fingers helping you get a downy grip on the mouse. This easy and comfy grip is inspired from the cozy seats inside the car.

One cannot leave behind hi end technology while making a Ferrari token. Wireless and 4g sensor technology have been slotted into the piece. Thus, it glides smoothly across the mouse pad with brisk speed. The scroll button fitted on front of the mouse is also very efficient. Users will have better control while browsing pages and clicking links. To top it all, the mouse comes packed in an impressive box, which looks so much like the box in which F1 race parts are stored.

The mouse is a stanch embodiment of the Ferrari brand. Now, you can buy a Ferrari stamped keepsake for your computer also. Racing nuts, Ferrarri fans and adrenaline junkies will zealously dig this hi-tech designer mouse.

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