TimeStretch will literally change the way you look at time

Time Stretch by Scott Young

Ever since the dawn of civilization, man has been obsessed with time keeping. Right from the early sundials and lunar calendars, time keeping has been one of humankind’s most significant inventions. Though we have taken the technology for granted in the modern world, the achievements of pioneers like Richard of Wallingford and Giovanni de Dondi who perfected the mechanical clock in the 1300s, the spring clock given to the Duke of Burgundy Peter the Good around 1430, the famous and coveted grandfather clock created in 1670 by English clockmaker William Clement and the electric clock patented in 1840 by Scottish clockmaker Alexander Bain. The analog clock and the digital clock have since taken over the fine art of timekeeping though the TimeStretch concept looks to rewrite the manual on what a household clock is supposed to look and feel like.

Created by Detroit-based designer Scott Young, the TimeStretch Clock Concept takes the traditional notions of what a clock is supposed to be like quite literally with its remaining of a clock that uses the ceiling of a room as its face! Yes, you read it right, this clock uses the ceiling of a room as its face using precisely placed markers to indicate hour and time. The clock’s hands are displayed by an elegant beam of blue light emitted by an electrically-powered central hub that rotates and tell time across the ceiling.

The minimalistic setting of the TimeStretch clock provides an elegant appeal to any room taking its interior design to a new level. The TimeStretch consists of a centralized spinning base that is geared to emit two rotating light beams. TimeStretch is designed to work for the interior design of any room since the twelve hour that indicate hours are placed precisely to stimulate each hour on the dial of a clock. Separated by 30 degrees, each hour indicator always offers the most precise time display so no matter how your room is set up, the clock face of the TimeStretch will always deliver the correct time no matter how long or irregular the layout of a room’s ceiling is.

Not only is the clock completely fantastic for homes with exiting electric outlets placed in the ceiling, it also works for homes with fans since the rotating hub can be fitted into the base of the fan to provide it with the electrical supply as well. The versatile clock can also be adapted to various surfaces and textures to create custom looks, and the TimeStretch can also be used as a wall clock and turned into a giant time sculpture to mesmerize visitors!

Via: Behance

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