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Timeout is a watch for the clever and geeky

Have you ever seen a watch that doesn’t display the time or date! Yes exactly! This interesting watch christened as “Timeout” exhibits time in a very unique and interesting manner. The watch is fashioned with four ring-shaped displays and the time and date are interpreted by determining the missing digits from each of the four rings.

Timeout LCD watch

To make it simpler to understand let’s take an example. Suppose the four missing digits are 1, 2, 3 and 9, from top to bottom, then the time demonstrated is 12:39. There is also a quick revel button that makes the time and date immediately appear in the center of the four circles. Another interesting feature of the watch is that the color of the rings can be changed to suit the mood of the wearer. This could be made possible either manually or by a shuffle mode that randomly changes the color after some fixed duration of time.

The Timeout is USB rechargeable and is available in various fun colors. The fascia of the watch that surrounds the circular displays could also be interchanged making it completely customizable. The design would definitely appeal to the people who like modern eccentric things, love to play with numbers and think out of the box. It is fashioned with narrow proportions and slim line form to suit almost all wrist sizes. LCD technology has also been used, making it more practical. The incomparable way of telling the time and outstanding modern design make this watch stand out and appeal to the wider audience.

Via: Tokyo Flash

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