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The timekeeper shows time as it actually works, celestially

Throw in the three hands of time, a dial and timekeeping mechanism. Cluster it all into an elegant case and you have yourself a nice little wrist watch. Yes, a nice wrist-watch which would suffice the need of timekeeping for most…for most, not for all. There are few who like to see things besides the mundane, who appreciate the integration of something special even in the most ordinary. Call it an eccentricity, but hey, history has taught us that even the most brilliant minds of our time had their own precious little quirks. Designer Alexander Sorokin has come up with a novel little wrist watch which would do nicely in appeasing the rummage for an unorthodox and not to mentions striking timepiece.

Earth and Moon watch

The wrist digital clock is cased in a decorous stainless steel casing. The watch utilizes a shock resistant sapphire crystal under which is embedded the Vysokontrastny color display. The other side of the planet and your currently inhabited site are pointed out by the integrated GPS.

The hour hand is depicted by the moon and the amount of shadow corresponds to the minutes. For example if it’s 12:30 noon time, then the moon shall be at 12 and shadow would be falling on the right half of the dial. The more the shadow, more are the minutes. The time is extricated from the satellite itself to always be precise.

Source: Alexsas

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