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Tell time by reading a reflection on the floor of your room

Unlike standard time pieces that ring and wake you up every morning, this timer is like a 3D projection of you average wall clock. The basic design consists of a ring suspended in air by thick and wiry cables. The shorter as well as longer arms of a clock are replaced by two sticks that tell the minutes and hours respectively. The position of the number 12 is also indicated clearly on the wooden circle by a raised bar. But the real difference between this alarm clock and any other standard timer is the way in which it works and tells time.

Alarm clock

Created by a Danish design engineer, Susse Sønderby Jensen, this is one heck of a timepiece. You don’t have to look at the clock to read the time as it is displayed as a reflection on the floor! The reflection comprises a circle and its two dots indicate the minutes and hours. The inventive clock will look really artful in any space. As it does not generate any tick tock noise, there will always be pin drop silence in your bedroom. This will create a soothing and peaceable atmosphere in any room. Moreover, the function of its alarm is also quite simple. You can either switch it off just as it rings or you can hit the snooze button to delay it by 10 seconds if you not ready to wake up.

The clock is a nifty blend of simple geometric shapes and electronic programming. The piece looks ethereal, light and elegant. This never seen before design is inspired from the clean cut and poised movements of ballerinas. The balance and strength these dancers exhibit is reflected in the design of the clock. As a result the piece has a simple form with clean sharp lines. Moreover, you don’t see any electronic parts on the exterior. The step motor that makes the clock displaiers move is slotted right on top of the piece.

Via: Sussesonderby

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